Statement released by Qom seminary scholar’s community on Condemnation of the normalization of relations by UAE with the usurping Zionist regime

Statement released by Qom seminary scholar’s community on Condemnation of the normalization of relations by UAE with the usurping Zionist regime

Date: 18/Aug/2020


In the name of Allah the all compassionate the most merciful


The cowardly act of the humiliated rulers of UAE in announcement of normalizing relations with the root of corruption and crime; the usurper Zionist regime, is an obvious mercenary and lack of self-esteem


This shameful act shows the height of corruption and guilt of the UAE rulers, as has added a wound to the wounded body of the oppressed Palestine.

Qom seminary scholars’ community, while condemning any agreement and normalization of relations with the child-killing regime of Israel, declares: The corrupt rulers of the UAE cannot weaken the strength and power of the Resistance front and they will always be ashamed before the believers and Muslim nations.

Trump is trying to open a space for the usurper regime by announcing the wealthy and reactionary regimes’ ties to Israel, as he tries to strike the axis of resistance through some traitorous Arab leaders.

From now on, the Zionists will openly milk the Saudi and UAE cows donated by Trump to them. This humiliation of the tyrannical rulers of the region will have no benefit for their security and stability while, on the contrary, will make their collapse faster.

The Zionists must know that opening their foothold in the Persian Gulf region will have serious consequences for them and their allied mercenaries, and that the powerful country of I.R.Iran will monitor and target its enemies wherever is needed.

The UAE ruler should pay the price for this flattery to the United States and the Zionist regime, and it is clear in advance that the consequences of any incident that arises are the responsibility of this government.

Betrayal of the Palestinian ideal is betrayal of the entire Islamic Ummah. Leaders, false scholars and traitors who are trying to remove the issue of Palestine from the priorities of the Islamic world should know that the Palestinian people, by recognizing their Islamic identity, have chosen the path of faith and resistance and changed the balance of power in favor of them.

The divine tradition is the victory of the Right Front, and Insha’Allah, the Holy Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque will soon witness the prayers of the believers and the Mujahedeen in their courtyards, and no sign of Israel and its allies will remain.

The arrogant rulers and the false scholars who sell fatwas and give permission to establish relations with the usurper Zionist regime should know that they will remain in the hell of their actions for “Allah will indeed defend those who have faith. Indeed Allah does not like any ingrate traitor” (the glorious Qur’an, 22:38)


Mohammad Yazdi

Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars’ community

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