Date: 06/Aug/2020 In the name of Allah the all compassionate the most merciful

Statement released by Qom seminary scholar’s community on Beirut blast incident


Date: 06/Aug/2020


In the name of Allah the all compassionate the most merciful


With great sadness, we have received the news of the tragic blast incident in the port of Beirut that led to death and injury of a large number of Lebanese people.

The Qom seminary scholar’s community, while express its sympathy with the honorable people of Lebanon, extends condolences to the people, the government, especially Hezbollah and its Mujahid leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah, and asks God Almighty to have mercy and forgiveness on the victims and urgent healing for the injured ones.

Due to the large amount of destruction of basic infrastructure, the faithful and humanitarian people of Iran will offer their material and spiritual aids to Lebanon and, as always, will show their affection and connection with Lebanon.

It will definitely be revealed in the future which countries are responsible for this incident. But the fact should not be overlooked that today the enemies of the resistance and the united Lebanon have benefited the most from this. Although the cause of the incident is not yet fully known, there are evidences that indicate the US and the Zionist regime might be behind this bloody explosion in Beirut, and strengthens the suspicion of a criminal terrorist act. Therefore, the national awareness and solidarity of the Lebanese people will neutralize the goals and plans of the Lebanese enemies.

These days, Lebanon, like other resilient countries, is under the pressure of US sanctions and threats of global arrogance. The serious situation that has arisen has doubled the difficulties and pain; however, in this critical situation, Lebanon will manage the dangers and hardships with patience and insight, and will defeat the enemies of Lebanese unity and dignity. This rational nation will not allow sedition and division by its sworn enemies, namely the United States and the Zionist regime, and will remain proud and heroic with its efforts and reliance on its faith and dignity.

Inshallah, the sufferings that have befallen the resilient and honorable people of Lebanon as a result of this incident will be compensated with the double grace and mercy of God, and the flag of honor and pride of these honorable people will continue to be raised with the selfless efforts of the Lebanese people and the help of Islamic nations.


Mohammad Yazdi

Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars’ community

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