Statement released by Qom seminary scholar’s community on Conviction of Deal of the century

Statement released by Qom seminary scholar’s community on Conviction of Deal of the century

Date: 30/01/2020

 In the name of God the all compassionate the most merciful 2020/۰۱/۳۰

Hatred has already shown itself from their mouths, and what their breasts hide [within] is yet worse. We have certainly made the signs clear for you, should you exercise your reason.

(The glorious Qur’an 3:118)


The criminal president of the United States, in a ridiculous show of arrogance, unveiled a plan that revealed his cruelty and hostility against the Islamic Ummah. The plan once again showed that the policy of the arrogant US regime in the region is to help the Zionist regime in order to continue the occupation and colonization of Islamic lands, especially dear Palestine.

The US president calls his occupation plan the “Deal of the century” and mischievously thinks that he can plunder Islamic lands of Palestinian for Zionists usurpers. A plan in which Palestinians are generally ignored. A plan that no free human would accept.

With this sinister plan, the United States seeks to change the historical identity of Al-Quds as the sacred city of the Abrahamic religions and transform it into a Zionist city and a usurped capital. This groundless plan, unlike all UN resolutions, views illegitimate settlements as part of the territory of the usurped and bloody Zionist regime. The most dangerous part of this vicious plan is to disarm the resistance forces as the defenders of Palestine’s dignity, in order to destroy the identity, nationality and land of oppressed nation of Palestine.

Despite the unremitting efforts of the US and Zionist regimes and the arrogant front over the past few years, Palestinian Muslims have always resisted against threats to their identity, land and nationality. Today, the oppressed people of Palestine and all its political currents have come to realize that the US criminal regime and the arrogant front were never the mediators, but rather the creator of Zionism and its supporters and crime partners throughout the world, including in occupied Palestine. Now with this precious experience, by the help of divine power, the beloved nation of Palestine and the Muslims of the world, the US Deal of the century with its designers and companions will be trashed. It will not be long before the divine grace that, contrary to the wishful thinking of US and the Zionist regime, Al-Quds and Palestine will be cleansed of their filthy existence, and dear friends and mujahedeen of Al-Quds and dear Palestine will serve as exemplars for all the freedmen in the world.

Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposed plan of holding a referendum original Palestinians to determine their fate of themselves and their country is the only way to secure the right of the oppressed nation of Palestinian.

The Qom seminary community by condemning the cruel Deal of the century, emphasize on the need to help Palestinian people and calls on all Muslim nations and Islamic governments to come to the aid of the mujahedeen of resistance front. Thanks to the unprecedented convergence of the Muslims, the end of the occupation and usurpation of Palestine and the cleansing of all Islamic lands from the perpetrators of criminality is near as well as the establishment of security and brotherhood in the Muslim world.


If you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet steady

(The glorious Qur’an 47:7)


Mohammad Yazdi

Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars’ community

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