Condolence message of Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehri to Ismail Haniyeh

سید هاشم حسینی بوشهری

In the name of God the compassionate the merciful

“To God We Belong and To God We Return


Mujahid’s brother, Mr. Ismail Haniyeh

Honorable chairman of Hamas’s political bureau

The martyrdom of a group of your children, grandchildren, and Family dependents in the targeted attack of the Zionist regime, as well as the martyrdom of the oppressed people of Gaza, is a cause of pain and sorrow.

Although this criminal regime is increasing its corruption and oppression every day and it does not pay any attention to humanitarian and legal issues, but the end of these bloodsheds and brutalities is nothing but collapse and destruction.

You are one of the indefatigable mujahideen fighting against Israel, And without a doubt, these hardships and tribulations will not cause any weakness in your strong will and faith and that of the Palestinian nation. I wish God reward and patience for you and mercy and forgiveness for those martyrs and all the holy martyrs.

Seyyed Hashem Hosseini Bushehri

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Qom seminary scholars’ community

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