The statement of Qom seminary scholar’s community condemning the insult to the Holy Quran in Denmark and Sweden

لوگوی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم

According to the public relations report of Qom seminary scholar’s community after successive insults to the Holy Qur’an in Denmark and Sweden, Qom seminary scholar’s community issued a statement as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful

(Indeed we have sent down the Reminder, and indeed we will preserve it) (Al-Hijr [15]: 9)

The bitter and painful incident of insulting the Holy Quran again in Sweden, as well as its repetition in Denmark, revealed the stupidity, vileness of the perpetrators of this attack and the depth of hatred of modern barbarism toward Islam and divine religions.

Although this insane action was carried out by worthless and ignorant mercenaries; But we cannot ignore the roots and hands of the designer of this great insult. In all these chain insults, the accompaniment of tyranny and arrogance is obvious. And Western governments cannot support hateful anti-Islamic actions with a moral appearance and empty slogans of freedom of speech and action. In fact, the meaning of freedom in the colonialist western culture is deviant freedom and opposition to spirituality and morality and this freedom destroys society and humanity.

Qom seminary scholar’s community While appreciating the Muslim people of Iran and the world for declaring their disgust for this criminal act, she thanks the Iraqi people and government for their active and effective action in condemning this crime.

Also, thanks to the foreign and cultural policy officials of the country who have taken appropriate measures on this matter and wants them to continue to seriously pursue the criminalization of anti-Islam and Islam phobia and to bring the protest of the freedom seekers of the world against the insult to religion, the heritage of the prophets and the book of God to the ears of the international assemblies.

The European governments of Sweden and Denmark must also firmly condemn these atrocities and while apologizing to the Muslims of the world, they should end this violence and fight against the Quran, religion, human spirituality and freedom.

Qom seminary scholars’ community

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