A notification after terroristic attacks of Daesh in Iraq, 12th June 2104

A notification of Qom seminary scholars’ community after terroristic attacks of Daesh in Iraq, 12th June 2104

In the name of God

News of the several days ago indicated to increase Daesh’s activities, a terroristic group. Of course, new crisis of Iraq is driven by transformation of Syria. Enemies of resistance were faced a great disappointment after free elections with the maximal participations in Syria and people’s fortune to election of resistance with increasing resistance in Syria battle ad constant disappointments of excommunication group and its western-Arabic supporters, the field of crisis has been spread to other resistance base.

  Disappointed attack to Samera , holy city , to destroy Asqariyen’s holy shrine (peace be upon them). Then occupation of Neynava and attack to the other provinces, after terroristic operations in Alanbar, have announced a serious problem to spread excommunication measures called Daesh in Iraq. Daesh threat to destroying sacred Imam’s’ holy shrines (peace be upon them) in Iraq causes to increase worries.

To spread crisis in Iraq and politic situation of the country and its synchronism with power transition period in the country, all of authorities and Iraq’s leaders are wanted to treat decisively the tribal and religious crisis.

Qom seminary scholars’ community has condemned savagely measures of Daesh terroristic groups in massacring of guiltless people and creation of fear. It calls for government and nations of Iraq to keep unity and unanimity under leading Ayatollah Sistani, source of authority. He warned regional and international of excommunicate groups if the crisis continues supportive governments of terrorisms suffer the most cost and financial losses. They are responsible of life and property losses.

Mohammad yazdi, Chief of the great council of Qom seminary scholars’ community  


* اطلاعیه در پی حملات تروریستی گروهک داعش در عراق

* اعلان بخصوص الأعمال الإرهابیه لفرقه الداعش فی العراق

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