Visiting a group of Lebanon Jabalamel scholars with The chief of the great council of scholars’ community in Qom seminary

In 10th June 2014, a group of Lebanon Jabalamel scholars visited the chief of the great council of scholars’ community in Qom seminary.(Ayatollah yazdi)

In the meeting, Sheikh Ali Haasn Khazem (the chief of Lebanon Jabalamel community) introduced the community and its members. He said that Lebanon Jabalamel community has been formed afer Islamic revolution of Iran. Also, he remarked the message of Islamic revolution was alertness, wariness more than Islamic for the other Muslim and world countries. He knew Ayatoolah Khomeini following Imam Khomeini as Muslims as a friend of command and added that faith and unity is obstacle to prevent defect against the world arrogance and exploitation. The chief continued that the community is value and religious bases of Lebanon Allah Hezb (party) , his purpose of travelling was to have a close relation with grandees authorities and scholars of seminaries and re-contract with values of Islamic revolution of Iran.

Then, Ayatollah yazdi (The chief of the great council of teachers’ community in Qom seminary) welcomed them and appreciated their coming, finally said the right is always victory, and it is a divinity command. He added there was enemy everyplace and every time, we the scholars must forbid the party struggle and know the main enemy who are the U.S and Israel, and unfortunately some regional countries are following it. “Today the world arrogance wants to defect the resistance line, namely Syria and we must support it. And Lebanon has been faced different religions and their peaceful living must be appreciated and continues in the contemporary,”the Ayatollah while considering Syrian election successful and BasharAsd elected as a prudent said. The chief of the great council of teachers’ community in Qom seminary cancelled some Vahabi Moftians’ commands having ordered marriage Jihad and said ,”  how the peoples ordering married rape are called scholars”. At the end, he recognized the victory of Islamic scholars and authorities through unity of all Muslims. He said,” we must try to create such unity among all scholars from Islamic countries.  


لقاء وفد من تجمع علماء جبل عامل اللبنانیه مع رئیس المجلس الأعلی لجماعه العلما و المدرسین فی الحوزه العلمیه بقم المقدسه

دیدار هیئتی از تجمع العلمای جبل عامل لبنان با ریاست شورای عالی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم




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