Statute of seminary scholars community of qom

Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom 

Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom is an independent seminary institution formed by jurists, scholars, thinkers and lecturers focusing on religious issues; they believe in the role of politics in religion, and Islamic revolution ideology governing society. They play active roles in Islamic revolution of Iran and establishing Islamic Republic of Iran and influencing election of religious leaders. This society is the largest seminary society in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Scholars of Qom Seminary Society was established in 1963 concurrent with establishment of Qom Seminary School with the objective of organizing and planning education and research issues of seminary students.
Ayatollah Odhma Brujerdi (one of the greatest seminary and religious leaders) became the president of the Qom Seminary after demise of the founder of Seminary of Qom, the late Ayatollah Ha’eri Yazdi in 1836. During his leadership, the seminary of Qom expanded and became stronger. More seminary students traveled to Qom Seminary and the seminary developed its research activities.
After the demise of Ayatollah Brujerdi (r.a) in 30/March/1961 the Seminary continued its activities under the title of “Scholars of Qom Seminary Society”. A group of seminary scholars established the followings goals: having a revolutionary approach based on Islamic rules, disseminating religion of Islam, and running the Islamic rules in Iran and other potential countries.   
Thanks to the powerful members of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom who are well-known religious leaders and famous scholars in Iran, the society is popular and influential; the society has played an important role in establishing Islamic revolution of Iran led by Ayatollah Odhma Imam Khomeini (r.a).
As the largest scholar society in Iran, this great religious institution has 52 members; some of them are religious leaders, and influential seminary scholars who play substantial role in safeguarding and supporting Islamic issues.

Goals and Policies:
The goals and policies of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom are:
۱-    Expanding and disseminating teachings of Islam and School of Ahl-e Bayt (a.s)
۲-    Laying the groundwork for establishment of Quran and the teachings of Ahl-e Bayt (a.s) and Islamic values
۳-    Laying the groundwork and directing research studies in Islamic fields
۴-    Making efforts for improving and advancing programs of seminary school through Supreme Council of Seminary Schools
۵-    Determining the scientific and jurisprudential basics of Islamic system and Welayat Faqih
۶-    Laying the groundwork for nurturing seminary students needed in Iran
۷-    Doing other activities in line with the goals of Qom Seminary Society such as establishing academic and cultural institutes  

a.    Founding Panel
b.    Supreme Council
c.    Head of Supreme Council
d.    Administrative Board  
•     The Founding Council of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom are: Ayatollah Fadhel Lankerani, Ayatollah Ali Meshkini, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, Ayatollah Abulghasem Khazali, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, and Ayatollah Ahmad Azadi Qomi
•    Supreme Council
The Supreme Council is consisted of official members who have the highest authority of society

Member of Supreme Council have the following qualifications:
a.    Academic qualification for teaching advance seminary courses
b.    Admitting to the principles of Islamic Republic system of Iran and Welat Faqih
c.    Possessing virtue and observing dignity of a seminary scholar
d.    Being able to participate in the meetings of the Council actively and having commitment for carrying out then given responsibilities

Responsibilities and authorities of the Supreme Council:
a.    Electing the Administrative Board and financial trustee
b.    Assessing qualification and ratifying membership of new members of Supreme Council
c.    Electing one of the members of Administrative Board as speaker
d.    Ratifying deputy-head based on the proposal of the head of council
e.    Determining about the issues raised in the meetings
f.    Introducing the members of Supreme Council of Seminary School of Qom to the leader of Islamic Republic of Iran and the religious leaders in order to assess and approve
g.    Assessing and approving the responsibilities and authorities of deputy-heads and members of Administrative Board
h.    Approving establishment of office in other countries
Head of Supreme Council:
In the first meeting, the Supreme Council elects one of the members of Administrative Board as the head of the council, two members (based on the number of votes) as first deputy-head and second deputy-head, two members as first and second secretary and one member as the financial trustee.  

Responsibilities and authorities:
a.    Introducing directors of departments and deputy-heads elected through members of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom in order to be ratified
b.    Appointing directors of departments and deputy-heads after approval of Supreme Council
c.    Appointing and dismissing secretary of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom
d.    Coordinating meetings of the Supreme Council and the Administrative Board
e.    Confirming and signing official correspondences of the Supreme Council
f.    Announcing acts to relevant directors
g.    Singing notices and manifests
h.    Announcing official position of Scholars of Qom Seminary Society which are approved by the Supreme Council
i.    Presenting annual report of departments to the Supreme Council
j.    Opening bank account and signing the checks and other financial documents
k.    Signing official documents jointly by financial trustee
l.    Representing Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom in courts
m.    Following up approval and best performance of approval
Administrative Board: Members of Administrative Board include: head of Supreme Council, Deputy-head, vice-president, secretaries, and financial trustee

Responsibilities and authorities:
a.    Approving annual budget of Scholars of Qom Seminary Society
b.    Preparing the meetings agendas and announcing them to the members
c.    Organizing and delivering relevant issues to be delivered to the Supreme Council

•    Organization:
o    Administrative Board
o    Departments
o    Society’s Office
o    Office of International Affairs

Administrative Board:
Members of Administrative Board include: head of Supreme Council or his deputy, heads of departments, head of Society’ office and financial trustee

Responsibilities and authorities of the Administrative Board are:
a.    Approving internal bylaws of the council
b.    Approving executive bylaws of the departments
c.    Assessing the activity reports of departments and Society’s office and coordinating between offices and departments
d.    Supervising best performance of executive issues, finding Strengths and weaknesses, consulting and finding solutions for the issues
e.    Cooperating and exchanging viewpoints for the best performance of Supreme Council’s approvals
f.    Assessing annual reports of each department to be presented to the Supreme Council
g.    Assessing annual budget of each departments and proposing it to the Administrative Board to be ratified

Currently, there are three active departments:
۱.    Society and Clergies
۲.    Society and Government
۳.    Society and the People
Departments’ heads are proposed by the head of Supreme Council and approved by the Council for the duration of three years.
•    Office of the Society
The office of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom is responsible for administrative issues, holding meetings and commissions, secretariat, informing members and communication between the Society and institutions and individuals  

•    Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs was established to coordinate activities and expand and organize international activities based on approved policies and principles and lastly follow related issues in international arena

•    Affiliated Centers:
۱.    Qom University
۲.    Islamic Publication Office
۳.    Strategic Studies Center
۴.    Seminary Students and Scholars’ Representative of Seminary of Qom

۱-    Determining and introducing religious leaders (Marja’e)
۲-    Determining policies and supervising academic development of seminary students through the Seminaries’ Supreme Councils
۳-    Proposing qualified individuals to lead top positions in IR Iran such as president, parliament members, and Assembly of Experts of the Leadership
۴-    Announcing position of the Society and studying national issues such as economic issues, legal, criminal, cultural political and social issues.
۵-    Improving the situation and planning for the seminary schools based on national and international requirements
۶-    Organizing Supreme Council of Seminary Schools
۷-    Planning for writing required books the through Supreme Council
۸-    Planning for disseminating and expanding Islam within national boarders as well as across the country
۹-    Planning for training religious disseminators for IR Iran and other countries
۱۰-    Improving and completing textbooks of the seminary schools and nurturing seminary students through standard approaches
۱۱-    Defending Islamic academically

Major activities:
From the beginning until today, the Society has organized and run various activities; the major ones based on chronological order are:
۱-    Improving curriculum and administrative issues of seminary schools
۲-    Cooperating and coordinating with religious leaders and jurists
۳-    Safeguarding the movement of Imam Khomeini (r.a) from 1963 until 1979
۴-    Expanding and disseminating the theory of Welat Faqih and Marja’iyat of Imam Khomeini (r.a)
۵-    Fighting against and broadcasting propaganda against the Shah Regime
۶-    Supporting the activities of revolutionaries’ activities around the country against the Shah regime
۷-    Fighting against anti-Revolution movements after victory of IR Iran’s revolution
۸-    Supporting establishment of the sacred system of Islamic republic in different areas namely: political, cultural, social, economic and other areas
۹-    Setting up Management Council of Seminary School, Supreme Council of Seminary School and Society of Seminary Students Representatives
۱۰-    Supporting presidential elections after revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran, announcing the candidates approved by the Society
Official members:
۱-    Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati
۲-    Ayatollah Abdullah Jawadi Amuli
۳-    Ayatollah Odhma Mohammad Fadhil Lankerani
۴-    Ayatollah Ali Meshkini
۵-    Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Shirazi
۶-    Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Misbah Yazdi
۷-    Ayatollah Hussein Nuri Hamedani
۸-    Ayatollah Syed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi
۹-    Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi

Contacting us:
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Zip Code: 37156-14514
Tel. No.: 0098-253-7743310-13
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