The Qom seminary scholar’s community appreciates the firm and resolute response to the crimes committed by the occupying Zionist regime

As reported by the Public Relations Department of Qom seminary scholars community, in response to the strong and unwavering response of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the crimes perpetrated by the occupying Zionist regime at the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the Qom seminary scholars community issued a message of appreciation as follows:
لوگوی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم

In the Name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful,

The “True Promise” of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran in punishing the criminal Zionist regime has been fulfilled. The resolute action of Iran’s armed forces has marked another “Day of Allah” in the annals of the Iranian nation’s valor. The hand of God’s power emerged from the sleeve of the Iranian nation, delivering a decisive blow to the oppressors: “and you did not throw when you threw, rather, it was Allah who threw.”

These attacks have reignited the spirits of all warriors on the path to liberating al-Quds, infusing the world with renewed hope for the liberation of Palestine and the imminent collapse of the Zionist regime.

 Kudos to the honorable nation of Iran and their courageous sons and daughters within the armed forces, who have stood on the battlefield against the global forces of oppression for years, serving as beacons of refuge for the oppressed and the impoverished.

 May God’s greetings and mercy be upon the spirits of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini, may God bless him, to whom today’s Iran owes its esteem. And let us extend greetings to the steadfast commander in the fight against oppression and oppressors, His Excellency Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, may his supreme grace continue to guide us.

May God bestow His confirmations and support upon all warriors within the Islamic resistance, and may He bring about the ultimate triumph of humanity through the appearance of the Pole of the World, the Imam of Our Time, al-Mahdi. May God the Exalted hasten his honorable reappearance and victory? Inshallah.

“O Allah! Establish the truth with him, annihilate falsehood by his hand, guide your friends through his guidance, and humiliate your enemies through him.”

Qom seminary scholar’s community

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