Statement of Qom seminary scholar’s community of the occasion of 4th of November

According to the public relations report of Qom seminary scholar’s community, On the occasion of 4th of November (13th of Aban), The Qom seminary scholar’s community issued a statement as follows, in part of which it is stated: America is the main cause of all crimes against humanity in the world, and today its illegitimate child Israel, with advanced weapons and with the help of lying and seductive media, is the agent of American crimes.
لوگوی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم

In the name of God the compassionate the merciful

The supreme leader of the revolution (Madzala-ul-Aali )

“The current policy these days, that is, the last week, inside the Zionist regime is being regulated by the Americans. The things that are being done are the policies of the Americans.”  (October 17, 2023)

The world is involved in the bloody incidents in Palestine. The brutal Zionist regime, under the guidance and accompaniment of the criminal America, mercilessly massacres the oppressed people of Gaza. And the true meaning of American human rights was revealed to everyone.

America is the main cause of all crimes against humanity in the world and today his illegitimate child “Israel” is the perpetrator of America’s crimes with advanced weapons and with the help of lying media.

However, the American terrorist regime and the child-killing Zionist regime are trying to replace the oppressor and the oppressed with propaganda war But the public opinion of the world and the freedom-loving nations, with their support for the Palestinian resistance movement and the oppressed, have neutralized their propaganda. And God willing, the end of their tyranny will come with the awakening of nations.

This year’s National Anti-Arrogance Day on 4th of November (13th of Aban) can become an international day and the slogan of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” should resonate around the world and Criminals should be prosecuted.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the flag bearer of anti-tyranny and the true axis of good and the point of hope for the oppressed. Islam and Islamic Iran have been an obstacle to America’s arrogance and crimes. These days, the people of Iran are seeing the results of more than 45 years of fighting against America and Israel in anti-Israel demonstrations all over the world.

Honoring the memory and name of Imam Khomeini and the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, especially the martyrs of the 4th of November (13th of Aban) – may God have mercy on them -, Qom seminary scholar’s community calls everyone to hold a more glorious march on the Day of Allah on the 4th of November (13th of Aban) and announces:

The steps and anti-arrogance slogans of the Iranian nation play a significant role in strengthening the spirit of the Palestinian fighters and all mujahids of the resistance front 4th of November (13th of Aban) is not just a day and a reminder of a memory; rather, it is the day of human and Islamic self-awareness. The arrogant powers and the brutal Zionist regime cannot stand against the power of faith, trust and spirit of jihad of our nation and the resistance front. And the failure of American policies and the fall of Israel is an achievable promise.

The fight against arrogance will continue until the realization of the Mahdavi Crimean government. And God willing, the global front of the oppressed will celebrate the destruction of oppression and disbelief.

Today, the discourse of fighting oppression in the world owes to the Islamic Revolution and this is a sign of the dignity, authority and power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the isolation and weakness of the arrogant front.

Qom seminary scholar’s community

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